Activa Balanced ETF
Investment Strategy

Activa Balanced ETF is an exchange-traded fund within the meaning of article 24a paragraph 1 from The LACISOCIU, established and entered in the register of fund management companies and the mutual funds managed by them, kept by the Bulgarian FSC, under Ordinance for entry No. 1241 of 05.10.2007 under number 05-1378. The fund management company “Asset Asset Management” JSC has received a permit for the organization and management of the Mutual Fund № 1235 from 26.09.2007 by the FSC. The Management Company manages the Fund under the constant supervision of the FSC.
The main objective of Activa Balanced ETF is to produce risk adjusted returns to its unit-holders by realizing the maximum potential income while ensuring moderate risk exposure and taking the required measures to provide liquidity to its managed investments.

Investments structure
The Fund invests mainly in securities traded on the regulated markets in Bulgaria, incl. equities, debt securities and fixed income instruments. The Mutual Fund's investment strategy envisages the realization of equity capital gains on securities, dividend income, as well as current income from debt securities and other financial instruments. Active asset management strategy is employed in order to achieve Activa’s investment goals.

Profitability and risk management
In order to achieve the investment goals of the Activa Balanced ETF, the Management Company will invest mainly in liquid, tradable shares accessible on Bulgarian or foreign regulated markets. Exposures to debt securities and fixed income instruments ensure liquidity in times of market turmoil. Activa Asset Management JSC strictly monitors the risk indicators of the portfolio, observing pre-set threshold levels. There is no certainty that Activa Balanced ETF will achieve its investment goals.

Potential investors in the fund
The main group of investors, targeted by the Fund's activities, are investors with above-average income, with a good investment culture and medium risk tolerance. Furthermore, investors who would like to have an exposure to capital markets but would have the sufficient time to dedicate and resources to perform individual assets due diligence and research. The Fund offers them the opportunity to manage their investments while retaining the opportunity to generate higher returns.
The investment products offered by Activa Balanced ETF are intended for individuals (citizens, companies, institutions) who:
• are prepared to take moderate to high investment risk in order to achieve higher returns;
• want to have safe and rapid liquidity without compromising the investment income;
• want to diversify the risk of their own portfolio;
• want their money to be managed by financial market professionals.
Activa Balanced ETF is suitable for Bulgarian as well as foreign individuals, companies and institutions wishing to invest their funds in a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds, with medium risk and ability to achieve higher return on invested capital.

We would like to warn you that the previous results of the fund do not necessarily have any relation with the future results, and the value of the investment and profit might decrease. There is a risk that investors might not be able to recover all of the invested funds. The investments in the fund are not secured by a guarantee fund created by the government or by any other type of guarantee.
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