Trust management
Trust management

Investment strategy

Trust management of a personal portfolio is a service for managing individual portfolios of financial instruments and cash. Activa Asset Management has the responsibility to manage your assets in accordance with the agreed terms, your preferred investment strategy and acceptable level of risk.

  • Let your money work for you;
  • Professional management by investment experts with many years of experience;
  • Individual relationship;
  • Risk Management;
  • High liquidity;
  • Regular detailed reports on your investments;

Depending on the client's profile, Activa Asset Management offers four types of individual portfolios of financial instruments.

  • Aggressive

Capital appreciation in the face of long-term risk. The purpose of the portfolio is to generate higher returns through increased exposure to riskier assets, but investors should be prepared for a higher level of volatility and the potential for higher losses.

  • Dividend

For investors with a higher risk tolerance seeking capital appreciation and dividend income over the medium to long term. The portfolio is based on dividend yield and is suitable for investors who are looking for steady cash flow and want to avoid the volatility associated with a portfolio that relies only on rising share prices.

  • Balanced

Moderate-risk strategy for long-term growth and capital preservation. This type of portfolio is suitable for investors who want a balance between growth and income and are comfortable with a moderate level of risk. The distribution of shares and bonds is consistent with the investment objective.

  • Conservative

Aims to outperform short-term government securities while protecting the portfolio from high risk. This type of portfolio is suitable for investors who have a lower tolerance for risk, are approaching or in retirement, or have a shorter time horizon for their investment goals.

We would like to warn you that the previous results of the fund do not necessarily have any relation with the future results, and the value of the investment and profit might decrease. There is a risk that investors might not be able to recover all of the invested funds. The investments in the fund are not secured by a guarantee fund created by the government or by any other type of guarantee.
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